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Sunday, February 20, 2011


No worries, Charlotte got the Synagis shot right on time. Our doctor and nurses worked everything out. Yay for them!

In other news, Charlotte accidentally was off of oxygen for about 15 hours at one point this week. It's a long story, well, no, it's not, but yeah. We thought she was getting oxygen, but she wasn't. The good news was that her lungs held out pretty well. She didn't have any significant desats! Whoa! The other news (we don't like to call it bad news, because it's not bad, it just is) is that her heart rate was significantly elevated. Sleeping, her heart rate was in the 180's-190's. Oops.

But yay for her lungs! It's great that her lungs are in a place where she can go that long without supplemental oxygen. It means that once her heart/lung pressure is in a better place, she'll be able to be weaned off the oxygen pretty quickly. She had a holter monitor placed last week and we meet with the Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist on Friday to go over the results. Hopefully we can stay where we are-- just increasing her oxygen to manage her heart rate.

Of course, we'll let you know!

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