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How Can I Help?

First, thank you so much for reaching out and trying to find a way to help those who are facing the effects of prematurity.  Being a parent of a preemie is an incredible experience, but it can also be very isolating and scary at times.  Knowing that others care, and are trying to help in some small way makes the burden a bit lighter, and a bit easier to carry.

Here is a list of organizations and groups that provide support to parents and their preemies.  This list is not all inclusive, and is merely a collection of places I have come across in our journey.

Graham's Foundation (Care Packages)
Friends of Maddie (Care Packages)
March of Dimes (Support and Research)
Pictures of Hope(Free and Professional pictures of your baby in the NICU)
Preemie Blog Moms Yahoo Group  (Support group for parents of micropreemies)
Share Your Story (MOD support forum for parents of preemies)
Inspire Preemie Support Group (Support group for parents of preemies)

And here's a link to a list of companies you can purchase from that will help support preemies through the Graham's Foundation.  You can book hotel rooms, buy gift cards, and more. http://www.grahamsfoundation.org/buy_cool_stuff.html

Thanks again for all you do to support the families of preemies, as well as the preemies as well.  If you ever have any questions, please, just comment!

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