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About Charlotte Amalie: Non-Medical

Charlotte is without a doubt the happiest baby I have ever met. Despite the difficulties she has experienced, she always (and I mean always) gives us a smile. Not just a smirk, but a wide, open mouth smile that encompasses her entire body. Her eyes squint together and her legs and arms start waving all over the place and with a sigh, she greets you with pleasure, happiness, and pure joy.

Currently, Miss Charlotte is a sitting pro. She spends her days trying to figure out how everyone else can move about and she cannot. We're working on it. She can also stand while holding on to something (ie, the couch, my fingers, her play table, etc). She is not able to get up on "all fours" but she will... someday...

Charlotte Amalie is also making noises these days! She's "ahhh"ing and will occasionally make a "da-da" sound just to get us all worked up and excited.

Miss Charlotte teaches us each day that there is always a silver lining. She not only finds joy in the mundane, she embraces that joy and shares it with everyone around her.