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Monday, June 20, 2011

We're in California!


In the past week, we've moved across the country, spent 7 nights in the PICU (just as a "let's get to know Charlotte" admission, nothing medically wrong with her), spent 3 nights off of oxygen, met 7 new specialists, changed her CPAP to a VPAP (basically, a vent, without intubation), and discussed two different surgeries.

We've also attended numerous "here, you need to be friends with the other members of your residency class" activities, tried to entertain the big brother (thank.you.San.Diego.zoo), and dropped my father off at the airport and received a reality check (What? You mean we won't be living with Grandparents? But who will watch Caleb?).

Not to mention the 764 phone calls (give or take a few) to insurance companies, medical good suppliers, and nursing agencies. 

This upcoming week, we are looking at a sedated EEG, another echo (they want to look at her heart off of oxygen, to make sure it really looks good, without the effects of oxygen), a roundtable discussion on Charlotte's plan of care, and hopeful a discharge home.

What have you been up to?


  1. Wow! Congrats on your move to California. I hope the weather has at least been beautiful. It is great that the doctors and hospitals there are being so responsive. I just joined out MoD Parent to Parent support at Children's Hospital Colorado and we were talking about the great Children's Hospital competition with CHOP, I hope your new hospital can measure up :) Best of luck settling in and enjoying all of the exciting new adventures San Diego will bring.

  2. Glad you guys are settled in Cali. And I hope the sunny weather treats Miss Charlotte well.

  3. What a week! I'm glad you made it and that the teams of doctors are diving right in to continue moving forward with Charlotte's care. Zoo's are so wonderful!! I can't wait til CJ is old enough to appreciate them. He'd rather watch the children than the animals right now.

    So... who is going to watch Caleb? I hope your church family is awesome and you make some great friends there!

    Take care in Cali!

  4. Hey Hey California Girls! Sounds like a busy busy time already. Hoping all is well and that you've found nice doctors in SD. Of course the nicest of all is Daddy. Congrats Dr. Pete! Which PICU were you in? I sent you an email re: babysitting. Hope you got it. I'm not too sure about the blog/email thing. My daughter Jacqui just finished her freshman year at USD and is staying for the summer. She would LOVE to help you out.

    Can't believe I missed seeing you guys at your last visit with Carol Andersen. I was actually at work and NO ONE told me you guys were visiting!!!

    Hugs and lots of love to all of you!

  5. Welcome to Cali, and more specifically San Diego! As another preemie mom here, I'm happy to say that you are in good hands at Rady's. Message me anytime!

  6. Glad you made it. We made it too. Barely. Bought a new car in Glendive, MT, after our engine died. Moved over four carseats, ten suitcases, a car top carrier, a stroller, four days worth of food and various other dvd players, ipads, etc... into the new car and kept going until we finally arrived in Seattle exhausted...

  7. Amanda. Your last post of Charlotte's year-difference made me cry. She is such a miracle I can hardly sit still. I love the current photos of her- she is so bright with happiness and love.