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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Dad Should Never Leave The Diaper Bag at Home

That's exactly what you think it is
Peter had the blessing of taking Charlotte to therapy today while I stayed home with Caleb. Sometimes, dads have all the luck.


  1. It was lovely meeting you tonight! I now officially have shoe envy! Also, I apologize you had to witness the sheer awesomeness of our mad bowling skillz (yes, when they're that amazing it's spelled with a "z"). Enjoying your blog and your adorable family!

    -Amber Abercrombie

  2. Ouch, I've been there. Not fun (except in retrospect when you're sharing experience)!

  3. This is just sick!! I love reading about Charlotte's progress and your family but OMG- this is SICK!!

  4. And THAT'S why I am not sad that my kids are no longer babies.

    Trish - lighten up and grow up! Blow ups happen. It's not sick, it's parenting.


  5. Haha, Paula, Trish has deserved the right to say just about anything regarding Charlotte! Considering she's changed her fair share of Charlotte's diapers (and remains one of our all time favorite nurses ever), we give her uncensored commenting ability :)

    And she's right. It's totally sick. Oh Miralax. Your powers never cease to amaze me.