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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Here

Peter and I packed up our things and flew across the country to look at housing in San Diego last week. Preparing for this trip was exhausting. We had to petition the insurance company to get 24 hour nursing while we were gone, notify the hospital and pediatrician that we'd be out of town, get a letter notarized saying my in-laws or my parents could sign consent for her, get her meds refilled, write a letter of medical history in case 911 had to be called {oh dear heavens, please don't let 911 need to be called when we are three thousand miles away}, write out a schedule of items that we do so that the nurses could fill in those hours that we normally cover, and oh, yeah, deal with a new GJ tube placed 24 hours before we left. In the middle of all of this we had a *slight* nursing fiasco, which, thank goodness, her nursing agency handled swiftly and very well.

And we have another child who had to be shipped off to Nana and Granpere's house in the middle of all of this.

And we got rear-ended in the middle of the tunnels in Baltimore. Oh joy.

However, once we got to San Diego, things went really well. No. We don't have a place to live, yet. But we do know a lot more about the area {like, uhh, we can't afford to live there :)} and what our list of wants vs needs are.

I want to live on Coronado on beach front property.

I need a place with a washer and dryer. We use cloth diapers, remember?


  1. reading your "to do" made me tired! i'm glad you got to go, but i'm still in denial you're actually going for real.