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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vocal Cord Paralysis

We saw the ENT doctor today (oh, what a post I could write about his bedside manner, or the lack thereof) and he determined that Charlotte's vocal cord paralysis is indeed permanent. Her right vocal cord is compensating rather well, so we are grateful for that. He encouraged us to get Charlotte to eat by mouth (uhh, yeah, we hadn't thought of that) and said we're cleared to follow up...

... in 12 months.

Whoa. We said, "See ya later!" and ran out that door before he could change his mind.


  1. Our ENT cracked a joke-- an actual joke-- seriously, I'm not kidding! Granted it wasn't to us (I think he said 4 words to us, threw some paperwork at us and said his nurse would call to schedule our tubes) BUT out in the hall we overheard him say to one of his colleagues... wait for it... "Saving lives one ear tube at a time".

    Yay for 12 months-- nothing better than checking a specialist off the list-- gives you hope that someday there will be none to check off (LOL!)

  2. Awe I am so glad to hear! Been praying for you ever since I discovered your blogs last night. I honestly don't know how you have remained so strong but your are definitely an inspiration! You and your family.

  3. Can you say 2nd opinion? I would be checking when you get out to San Diego. Did you here Brad & katie are expecting?