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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Things

Hey Readers,
First, you know you guys rock, right? Good, glad we got that outta the way.

Second, I'm working on re-designing a few things around here, so if the blog looks crazy, just stick with it, I'll have my computer programmer brother make it better fix it ASAP.

Third, just as a FYI, did you know Miss Charlotte has a facebook page? I post there when there is a new blog post, and sometimes things end up there (ie when it is easier to pop a photo on facebook vs writing a whole post about it). Check her out.

Fourth, you can now subscribe via email. If I did it properly, it should email you when there is a new post. Of course, there's a real possibility that I did not do it properly. Let me know if it works.

Fifth, I have a new email set up for this blog. Have a question or a comment, but don't want to leave it on the blog? Go ahead and email it to me. cak.micropreemi at gmail dot com

Sixth, down here at the bottom of the posts there is now a place to share blog posts. Want to share something on Facebook? On Twitter? On Google Plus? Just click the image down there. Then the internet does something magical and viola, it appears somewhere else.

Seventh, you guys rock. Did I mention that? I did? Well, I mean it, really, I mean it.

Eighth, Charlotte's diaper really needs to be changed. Any takers? Is Caleb too young to do it?

Ninth, I've been invited to attend BlogHer '11 here in good ol San Diego. Also, I've been invited to join their advertising network. Let me know if it gets in the way or you hate it or you love it or you love me. Mostly, just let me know if you love me :)

Tenth, I have nothing. I've been writing nonsense for the last 4 items. You knew this already. And yet, you are still reading.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda, Sorry I'm not there to help with the diaper... Good luck with the redesign thing.. Sorry I can't help with that even if I were there. You need your brother for that. Hope you're enjoying that lovely San Diego weather, and of course, the beautiful beaches. Can you tell I'm envious? Love you! Mom