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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh My

Warning: Caleb may or may not be running around in his underwear in this video. That's how we roll around here.

I love this video. To me, it shows what Charlotte has become. Who she is. What she is capable of doing. It shows the love she has for everyone around her. It shows her hope; her faith. This video tells me that there will be hard days, but she will be just fine. When I watch it, I see a future of pillow fights and pranks pulled on siblings. I see a little girl who is determined to be happy, and a big brother who doesn't mind providing the entertainment along the way.

This video shows me that I have two beautiful, loving children. It shows me that no matter how rough the beginning may be, siblings can find a way to love each other.

It shows me that sometimes I worry a little too much.

It shows me just how blessed I am.


  1. Love the video! You are a beautiful precious little girl Charlotte and I love you so much!!! Nana

  2. Oh My is right! That was priceless. Every smile is a triumph--every movement a joy! What an amazing big brother he is and will be.

  3. I am bawling. You kill me Amanda. Your kids are amazing because they have such a wonderful, warm-hearted and STUBBORN mother! (hearted?)

  4. Adorable video! ;) She's a doll!

  5. I wrote about you girls on my blog :) Check it out!