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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Consider Us Admitted

Charlotte's back at CHOP. She just loves this place way too much.

Her oxygen demand increased significantly and her lungs "sound like junk" according to the doctor. Caleb and I have been dancing around a cold for about a week now and I think Miss Charlotte has gotten jealous and wants to share.

The good news is that she does not have a fever and her chest x-ray looks the same as always: crappy, but consistently crappy. No sign of pneumonia. Phew.

They are running tests for RSV, pertussis, etc. We should have some results later today.



10/21/10 @ 1845: Charlotte is now running a fever, but it is being controlled easily by Tylenol. She tested positive for rhinovirus (the common cold) and negative for the eight other viruses screened.


  1. Thank heaven for great doctors, great nurses, and a wonderful hospital. How we appreciate all them! Mom (Nana Farr)

  2. i hope she's back home soon -- and in the mean time, bring caleb to play! :) we've missed having him.

  3. sigh. and so it begins. hopefully she can bounce back and come home soon!

  4. I hate the fall/winter. Sending positive thoughts Charlotte's way. I hope she is home soon.

  5. Well, I guess she is just trying to fit in with the rest of us .....seasonal ickies!!! Hope all of you are well soon. Hugs to all.