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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today at Charlotte's appointment her stats were:

Age: 7 months, 9 days actual {from her actual birthday}; 3 months, 16 days adjusted {from her due date}

Weight: 6.01 kilos (13 pounds 4 ounces!)
Length: 57.2 cm (22.5 inches)
Head Circumference: 37.5 cm (14.75 inches)

She's a chunky, chubby ball of baby and we're so proud of her rolls.

So is her pediatrician. She curbs her enthusiasm by telling us to remember that someday, Charlotte will actually have to spend energy to eat and her growth will slow down dramatically. But for now, Charlotte "chugs" her rocket fuel (her formula is still fortified) and is gaining weight beautifully. Actually, if we were just going on her weight, they could probably put her on regular formula, but she needs the rocket fuel to keep her head (and brain) growing. Details, details.

Doctors can be so picky sometimes :)


  1. I have a big, fat grin on my face reading her stats--so grateful for rolls!

  2. Yay!!!!! So proud of our baby! So happy for all of us! Mom