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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Developmental Clinic Results

We got the official results back from the Developmental Clinic and they read like this:

(She was 7 months actual, 3 months 10 days adjusted at the time of the Clinic)

Receptive: 3 months 10 days
Expressive: 20 days


Gross: 2 months 0 days
Fine: 2 months 0 days

3 months 0 days

We had her Early Intervention Initial Assessment yesterday and after nearly 4 hours of evaluation they determined that she will qualify for one hour of Physical Therapy and one hour of either Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy with a feeding specialist. So a total of two hours of therapy every week, with the nurses (and parents... we do stuff to, I promise!) doing her exercises the other days of the week.

Early Intervention will send me their official report, but they were pretty much the same as the Developmental Clinic results. Charlotte is acting like a 2 or 3 month old baby. Which is about where we hope she would be.

They will focus on helping her to move better (she has high tone throughout her body), helping her to eat more "efficiently" and helping her to adjust "socially" (ie, helping her to bond and make attachments to family-- spending seven months in the hospital doesn't lend itself to much "bonding" time).

And next up, her stats from her pediatrician's appointment. See you then!


  1. That's great! I'm sure you'll be learning a lot of new things, as will Charlotte.

  2. Amanda & Peter, I'm soooooooo glad that you getting the EI services now that Charlotte is home!! Through working at Easter Seals I've learned so much about the EI programs and how vital they are for these little ones. They will be a tremendous support for you and so incredibly beneficial for Charlotte. My very best for you all!!! Michelle

  3. We had our intake appointment for Bobby's Early Intervention today and will have his assessment next week!

    Good job baby Charlotte! Bond away!