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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Too tired to write a post. Here's some pictures.

Checking out Daddy. I love when she opens her eyes!

So peaceful. Somehow, with all those tubes and IV's she rests so well.

Family picture, minus C-Bear.

Best of all, today, siblings met for the first time! In a very older sibling like manner, Caleb was completely unimpressed with his little sister. He kept asking for the other babies. Don't worry little man, she'll be like the other babies soon enough and you'll wish she was tiny and quiet again!

Showing Daddy that Baby Sister has fingers.
When we ask what his sister's name is, he says "Baby"


  1. Happy Easter! Love the yellow hat. It's a nice Spring touch. Have you been crocheting in the hospital?

  2. oh yay! i'm so glad they were able to meet!!

  3. Aww! Such adorable pictures!! ;) Caleb's so cute.