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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy Bones

Good News:
Yesterday, the doctors were watching her for NEC (a condition that causes intestinal tissue to die. This can cause the bowel to 'tear' and dump contents into the abdominal cavity-- it's really, really not good) but luckily today, they have ruled it out. Phew.

Bad News:
Charlotte Amalie is requiring a lot of support on the ventilator. Currently the Oscillator Ventilator O2 levels are in the high 80's but hers are still in the low 80's. We're waiting for the results of a blood culture (should get them back tomorrow) to make sure she doesn't have a systemic infection (an infection is considered systemic if it enters the bloodstream). If she is clear of infection, they will probably start her on a steroid, not to help her get off the ventilator, but to help her have a little more strength so she doesn't rely on the ventilator so much. It looks like she'll be on the vent for awhile longer.

I think she's just gettin' lazy.

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