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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthers Beware

(Should that be Birther's? Birthers'? Who knows...)

You can't doubt the citizenship of this little one. We have a birth certificate. A real one. And it says that Charlotte Amalie is 2 months old today. 2 MONTHS?!?!

In other news, Charlotte Amalie has been doing really well with the whole breathing thing (sometimes she's not such a fan...) over the past two days. They've been able to wean the air that the SiPAP is pushing down to 40% O2 (room air is 21% O2) from highs of 100% O2 just a few days ago. We're aware that at this point, she probably won't stay at this level of O2, but we'll take as many hours as we can get.

Also, yesterday CA was a body temperature rock star. She did so well maintaining her own body temp that they turned down the heat in the Isolette and put. a. shirt. on. her. Holy dang-- does this mean I can buy her clothes? Doll clothes?

Rock on little American citizen, rock on.

Happy Birthday.


  1. I'll get her a Phillies, Eagle, Sixer and Flyers shirt before anyone corrupts her sensibilities.

  2. I love how in the first picture she has her arms stretched way over her head! :) Hey, maybe you can sew her some little clothes with your rockin' new sewing machine- it'll probably do all the work for you! :)