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Saturday, April 17, 2010

This and That

I know we've been neglecting the blog recently (five days between posts??!!) but really, this is a good thing. It means there's just not as much to report. She's growing and just trying to keep her lungs working. She still doesn't have alveoli (the tiny sacs in her lungs that allow for gas exchange) so her lungs have to work A LOT to function "normally". This wears her out, so she has her good days and bad days, but pretty much, we're just waiting for those darn alveoli to grow. Her weight as of last night was 888 grams (1 pound, 15 ounces) but she has an IV in, so it kind throws her weight off. BUT... we're getting realllllly close to 2 pounds!!

In other news, Charlotte Amalie was a victim of the housing crisis and had to move to a new home. (In reality, the humidity function of her previous isolette stopped working, so they had to move her to a new isolette so they could fix the fancy dancy one.)

Her new home.

Grandma Knickerbocker holding her for the first time on 4/14/10

Meeting Great Grandma Ford for the first time. GG Ford came all the way from Ontario, Canada to meet her.


  1. no news is good news, eh? i'm glad to see an update, a positive one at that. Go charlotte! she is such a trooper. love her.

  2. yay for grandma's and great grandma's!