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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Updates

Charlotte has had a busy week just laying there getting bigger and bigger. At her Developmental Clinic appointment, Charlotte weighed in at 5.75 Kilos (12.5 pounds), measured 21.5 inches and had a head circumference of 37.5 cm.

That's not on the chart for a 7 month old, but for a 3 month old (her corrected age) she's in the 40th percentile for weight, and sigh, not on the chart for length or head circumference. But 40th for weight! That's super exciting.

Also at her developmental clinic she was determined to be right on target for a 3 month old. Which is HUGE. The only section she scored below average (as in, what should a normal 3 month old be doing) on was verbal communication, but umm, she has a paralyzed vocal cord... we were not expecting her verbal reasoning to test very high at all.

I'll post the actual scores when I get them in the mail, but she was on target exactly to.the.day of her due date. It was pretty exciting.

Other than that, we've had to head back to CHOP once this week, to have her gtube replaced, but it was quick and (for me at least) painless. (NOTE: changing a gtube is yucky. REALLY yucky).

And that's what we're doing these days. She's using oxygen in the car, at night and during her feeds, but she does pretty well otherwise.

That's our story. What's yours?


  1. Well Miss Charlotte, not to compare preemies to preemies BUT you are 1/2 a pound bigger than Eloise. Miss Eloise likes to follow her "big" brother's 5th% curve for her adjusted age (which is 5.5 months). Yay on being developmentally on track, I have a hunch that a few weeks at home will start moving you ahead on that one :) Keep growing and give your big brother a hard time-- have you pulled his hair yet?

  2. Can I just mention how incredibly CUTE Charlotte was at her Developmental Clinic appointment? Those baby leggings....on chunky thighs!! Divine.

    And everyone is soooo proud of her for checking out so well on her scores. All thanks to Mommy, Daddy and Caleb, I'm sure.

    Can't wait for the next visit.

  3. awesome awesome awesome. i'm glad she's hitting her gestational age goals. that's huge.

    no worries about the "chart"...jay was nearly 3 before she came close to being on it. haha. now she's consistently on it. it happens, eventually. i'm so happy she's a chunky monkey. yay for that!

  4. Happy, happy news! That's great she's where she should be for her gestational age. Wonderful!