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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surgery Number, uhh I forget

{Just kidding about the forgetting how many surgeries she's had-- It's four. Five tomorrow. Charlotte has been extremely lucky for a preemie of her size/gestation in that she's only had the heart and eye surgeries. The really scary surgeries happen when a baby has a bowel perf from NEC or something of the like.}

Bright and early tomorrow morning the OR team will start their day with Miss Charlotte. In another round of "You've been to CHOP too many times", Charlotte's surgeon is the same one who did Caleb's surgery a mere 13 months ago. I think we either win a prize for that, or get referred to DHS...

The surgeon is performing a nissen fundoplication and placing a g-tube. In a 3 for 1 deal, he's also going to repair her umbilical hernia on the way out. That's how we roll.

The IV team has been in, worked their magic, and our little miracle has begun her surgical preparations. Which means I should start trying to sleep.



  1. Best of luck with the surgery! Honestly, somebody should get you a t-shirt to commemorate all of the time you've spent at CHOP :-)

  2. little miss fighter charlotte is in our prayers today - as always. and so are those who will be working on her.
    lots of love ...

  3. I hope Charlotte's surgery goes well.