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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Miss Charlotte has been having a rough time adjusting to life at home over the past week. We've dealt with poor feeding (she will no longer take anything from a bottle), desat'ing during tube feedings and a racing pulse. Poor little baby is just having a hard time figuring out where she is and what she is supposed to do.

Her doctors have discussed monitoring her at home (with the home health nurses-- our current plan), or direct admitting her to the PICU at Chester County, or, my lease favorite option, direct admit to CHOP.

I know we've asked and asked and asked, but if you could keep Miss Charlotte in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days, that would be great. I know she is capable of being home-- I know we are so lucky that she is doing as well as she is, and I know that this is just a bump on the road to recovery, and of course, that there will be many more bumps to come. But each bump hurts and it wears us out.

Thanks. Miss Charlotte is going to be A-OK. We're just trying to figure out how to best help her get there.


  1. lame. :( we will surely remember her in our prayers.

  2. I'll keep you and Charlotte in my thoughts!

  3. You and Charlotte are in my thoughts and prayers... Please take care of yourself :)

  4. Yes, yes!! Prayers and good vibes coming your way! BTW- CA looks adorable in pink!

  5. You are always in my prayers. If it helps, Zoe had a rough start of it too. 12 days after she got out she was readmitted for a cold for a couple days. God bless!