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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 273

Charlotte Amalie-

Today celebrates nine months since your birth. 273 days of life.

The numbers tell us one story. In the past 273 days, you have spent 216 in the hospital. Those 216 days included heart surgery, chest tubes, abdominal surgery, eye surgeries, blood transfusions, sepsis, and more. The 57 days you've been home have been unbelievable. In those 57 days, you've had 18 appointments with a doctor and 14 therapy appointments. That leaves 25 days of just.being.home.

Your actions tell us another story. You've learned how to smile, how to bring your hands to your mouth, how to flatly refuse anything you don't want. {Let's be honest, you knew how to refuse things you didn't want from the very beginning.} You've learned how to blow raspberries and how to stick out you tongue (a very necessary skill for a little sister, I might add).

You're determined. You don't give up. You voice your opinion rather well for a little one without a voice. I'd say that you've developed a personality, but as any of the NICU nurses will testify, you've been this way since you were born. And despite your strong personality, you go with the flow. You're happy on the floor (on your playmat, we don't just throw you on the floor...), in the swing, or in your crib. You are learning to let us hold you. Previously, you thought that this was rather pointless.

We're so grateful for the past 273 days. We're grateful for the possibility of more. We're grateful for tonight, for tomorrow, for yesterday.

We're grateful you've taught us to appreciate each moment.

We're grateful for you.


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