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Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Whisperer

OK, so our Occupational Therapist might not be a baby whisperer, but she does work wonders. Last week she did her first official therapy session (previously, she came by to "get to know" Charlotte three times-- yeah, she's that awesome).

When our OT began the session, CA was crying at the very sight of her pacifier and by the end of it, Char-baby was taking it! This OT worked for an HOUR on just de-sensitizing Charlotte's mouth and cheeks. It's been pretty amazing seeing the difference. It's like these therapists know something, crazy, huh? I guess you do learn things in school after all :)

Caleb wants rice RIGHT NOW and if I stop writing this, I'll never come back to it, so I'm posting it as is. More updates are coming soon. I promise.

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