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Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Update

We Interrupt this Prematurity Awareness Month programming to bring you an update on Miss Charlotte Amalie.

Charlotte's been doing really, really well this month. She's been home for almost three weeks since her last admission, and every day she seems to be getting better and better. The diuretics have really been helping, and her O2 sats have been great! We've gotten into a good routine of Speech Therapy on Mondays, Physical Therapy on Wednesdays and Occupational Therapy on Fridays, with an appointment on either Tuesday or Thursday. Yippee.

Her latest accomplishments include sucking on her hand, but she's not quite realizing that she has a hand yet... Go figure. When they say preemies are slow to pick up on things, dang, they mean slow.

We meet with the Pulmonary Team on the 18th and we'll know more about her lung/diuretics/oxygen situation at that time.

On the 10th we met with the Feeding Team, and they pretty much encouraged us to carry on with our current plan. We're offering the bottle two times a day and it's rather hit or miss. Somedays, she'll take 40 mLs, others, she won't take anything. Such is life. We've started with an Occupational Therapist, in addition to the Speech Language Therapist who will (hopefully) be able to address Charlotte's sensory issues with the bottle. And in case you were wondering, yes, Charlotte has issues :)

And that's about it!

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