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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just as an FYI, in the coming days (alright, let's be honest-- weeks) there will be some changes around this ol' blog. I'm setting up a page for common NICU procedures and events for other preemie parents to check out. I'm also going to start having an interview once a week with a fellow preemie activist, aka, preemie parent, preemie support group leader, preemie caregiver, etc.

As we continue to love and learn about this new Preemie world, we realize just how vast it can be. We hope to not only offer a place of comfort and support for other micropreemie and preemie parents, but also, help all of you supporters understand a little bit more about this world. Because even if you don't have a preemie, you are a huge part of our lives. The support you have offered has literally carried us through the past 10 months. If we can give any tiny bit of insight back to you, then we will have succeeded.

Y'all are awesome.

Stay tuned for some great things!

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