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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We had an upper GI/ G-tube test done yesterday. Basically they insert Barium into Charlotte's belly via the G-tube and see where the barium goes through an x-ray technique called fluoroscopy. Fluoro is a continuous x-ray (kinda like if you had x-ray vision) so you can see all the stuff moving around on the screen.

Charlotte was an angel and performed beautifully during the exam, except for the fact that we were trying to see what her insides look like when she is gagging and refluxing. So just to be ornery, she was totally fine. Once the doctor was certain she didn't have any problems with her nissen, he turned off the fluoro and we placed her back in the stroller and got ready to leave.

Pretty much the second the doctor left the radiation suite, Charlotte started gagging and choking.


Way to work with us kid.

The upper GI did show that her nissen is intact. We still don't know why she's having such a difficult time with her feedings, even those delivered via the tube. We have a swallow study (yay for more radiation!) on Friday. The upper GI gave us an image of what happens when food is already in the stomach, the swallow study will give us image of what happens while food is going from the mouth to the stomach.

We also have an endoscopy scheduled for the 17th of December, which will give us a better idea of the actual structure of her throat and vocal cords (which has a lot to do with how well she swallows).

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