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Saturday, December 4, 2010

She Has A Following

We had to take Miss Charlotte Amalie into the hospital late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Her oxygen demands were increasing and since our oxygen regulator only goes up to .5L we had to take her in. She's doing well-- we're not sure what's wrong, but she's definitely not as sick as the past hospital admissions. Who knows, maybe it's yet to come, but so far, she looks pretty good. She's requiring more oxygen and isn't tolerating her feedings as well. She's also retaining water a bit. So it could be a few different things, infection, wet lungs, more aspiration, etc. She's also got a lot of air in her belly, which is causing discomfort.

When being seen in the ER, she had several of the nurses come in to see her. She's only been in the ER twice, but they remembered her and were all excited to see how big she had gotten. Three of the residents she has seen so far had cared for her previously. She's starting to get a following at CHOP. The ER attending said she felt left out since she hadn't met Charlotte before.

They've scheduled some tests for her on Monday, so unless she shows impressive improvement tomorrow, she'll likely be at CHOP until we get the results back, likely Tuesday. If she does show improvement, we're hoping we can convince the doctors to let us run the tests outpatient. They've already shot us down twice, but hey, it doesn't hurt to keep asking, right?

1 comment:

  1. I hope she comes home soon! FYI, my kids have drawn holiday pictures for the cards you're putting together for parents of preemies. I'll try to get them sent off today or tomorrow.