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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The "End" of Prematurity Awareness

November is over.

Which means all the trite little facts and posters regarding Prematurity Awareness Month will go away.

The problem is, those facts don't stop being facts just because an awareness month has ended.

1 in 8 children are born premature, yes, even in December.

In the USA, about 7.5 babies are born each minute, from January to January.

That means, almost every minute a baby is born premature, every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.

Prematurity is the number one killer of babies-- every day of every year.

It's nice to have a month to focus on prematurity. I appreciate every opportunity to increase awareness, to help others understand this crazy world. I think it is important to have a time of year that everyone is focused on a topic. However, just because November has come and gone does not mean that we get to stop taking Charlotte to doctor appointments. It doesn't mean that parents get to stop burying their children. It doesn't mean that therapists stop working with severely handicapped children. It doesn't mean that parents stop worrying or that neonatologists can stop working. It doesn't mean that NICU's are empty.

Prematurity doesn't end when Prematurity Awareness does.

Which means, we're not going anywhere.

Lucky you, huh?


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