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Monday, January 24, 2011

For Laughs

Charlotte is really a happy baby, even when in the hospital!


  1. I love seeing how bright and alert she is and I didn't expect her to have such a voice with her vocal cord. She is doing so great! Thanks for posting, what a bundle of joy! :)

  2. Have I mentioned that she's adorable!

  3. She is an angel straight from heaven. Oh my goodness...she is beautiful. She took my breath away.

  4. Tanny and Ketty keep saying, "more baby Charlotte!" Thanks for keeping them entertained :) She's so cute!

  5. oh, we (yes, we - my boys watched this with me) love, love, LOVED hearing little miss charlotte laugh. she's so very cute. miles said, "mom, isn't she so cute!" so, it's unanimous at our house. :) just in case our vote counts for anything.