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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Charlotte was readmitted to CHOP last night, after having a rather unsettling event during her 6:00 feed.

Her heart rate plummeted to the 20's and her oxygen sat's dropped into the 40's as she was sleeping.  Her body was blue and grey and unresponsive. I had to do chest compressions and use the ambu bag to get her breathing again.  She was disoriented for about 30 minutes after the event, which is what really alarmed us.

Today they are monitoring her, and we'll see if we can get any tests run over the weekend, or if we have to wait until Monday to start exploring.  Currently they believe it was either a cardiac event, or some type of seizure activity that triggered the episode.

We're so grateful that I was in the same room with her, and that we have monitors and equipment that literally saved her life.

We're also wondering why the universe has to mock Charlotte's progress, and why she can't pull things like this while Peter is in the room.  He's the medical one for goodness sake!

But that's a post for another day.

Currently, she's her happy, smiling self and you'd never, ever suspect that she's such a little stinker.  We doubt that these tests will give us any conclusive answer, but they'll look nonetheless and all will be well.

She's actually doing much better than I am :)


  1. Yikes, what a scare! It got my heart racing. I hope you get some definitive answers, and that Charlotte is safely at home soon. Tell her to behave!

  2. That is so scary-- we were feeling sorry for ourselves because today was spent at the Dr. and getting a chest xray and adding a nebulizer machine to our arsenal but OMG I can't imagine what you guys are going through. It is so not fair that after all you have given to others that you can't just catch a break on something... I am sorry that you are going through this and I hope Charlotte is back at home with some answers very very soon-- one of the least fair things about having a micro is that you never get to trust that any day will be normal and I'm sure you feel like a little of the trust that you have has gone away forever with this most recent hurdle. You all are in my thoughts. I am so sorry!

  3. oh, miss amanda! how scary! i'm so glad you were there ... i'm so glad she's at chop ... i'm hoping they figure it all out. you're in our prayers. xoox