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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trial Run(s)

Yesterday, we tried moving Charlotte to a different feeding regimen. They increased her calories per ounce and decreased the length of her overnight feeds to see if that would help her reflux. It didn't seem to make it better or worse, until this morning, when she puked all over everything during her bath. At least she was already naked, right?

Now they are trialing a regimen that requires her to be fed for 20 of every 24 hours, but still through the g-tube. If that doesn't work, we will seriously have to consider a J-tube.

She's also requiring suppositories since she hasn't stooled on her own since last week. That could be contributing to her feeding intolerance as well.

Of course, through all of this, she's the happiest, baby around. She smiles at everyone who enters the room and giggles uncontrollably when someone comes over to talk to her. 

She has started back on a medication to help her gastric emptying. Even though the scans showed it to be normal, her physical presentation shows something different. Her doctor today basically said we are now outside the realm of science, and we're just going to wing it. Rock on Dr. Maverick, rock on.

So yet again we are here, asking for prayers and good thoughts for our little gal. Although the J-tube is not a huge deal (just a procedure done in Interventional Radiology) it is a big lifestyle change, and would mean significant therapy and feeding difficulties in the future. We're really hoping our little gal can find a way to work through this feeding intolerance and that her doctors can find a solution to her reflux.

Also, we really just hate being in the hospital, so we might have some ulterior motives here.  Just maybe.


  1. Amanda, FYI, D's reflux improved considerably when we got her pooping regularly. She takes 1 1/2 teaspoon of miralax daily. Not sure if that can be give through the G-tube? Without it, she just doesn't go regularly, and the puking gets way worse. Thinking of Miss CA.

  2. little miss charlotte is in our prayers. we've been thinking about you all weekend when i read you'd had to take her back in.

  3. She's in my prayers. Best of luck!