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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Love Good News

Seriously. Today rocked. Here's the results from Charlotte's NICU follow up.

She was 11 months, 3 days corrected and 14 months, 28 days actual at the time of this testing.

Cognitive: 10 months
Expressive Language: 8 months {Biggest gain. She tested at 3 months just two months ago.}
Receptive Language: 8 months
Fine Motor Skills: 12 months {Another major gain, and our highest score-- so thrilled!}
Gross Motor Skills: 7 months

Holy crap. I cried. I cheered. I clapped my hands when she did things like banging two objects together in midline.

2 weeks old
She has a long way to go, but dangit, she's come so far.

Can you believe this is the same girl?

The same girl who could wear my wedding band up to her shoulder?

Today. Almost 15 months
The same girl who spent weeks on the ventilator, months in the NICU?

We love this girl. We love her regardless of test results, regardless of progress. But we're so proud of her. We celebrate the effort she makes each and everyday to succeed. We applaud her dedication to life, her ability to bring joy to everyone she sees. We know that there will be tests that bring disappointing news. Oh how we know that.

But today, today, we are focusing on those test results that feel so few and far between. Today we are believing that those kind of test results will be her future.

We could get used to that.


  1. OMG! I cried when I read this. Miss Charlotte is truly a miracle and she never, ever ceases to amaze me! I do believe that a huge part of her ability to conquer the obstacles in front of her has to do with determination--not just hers, but yours and Pete's, too. You have already willingly accepted what has been thrown onto your path in life and haven't let it deter or stop you. Keep journeying as you have been--we can all see how much Charlotte benefits from it...everyone should be blessed to have the determination all of you have. Good Luck in San Diego and God bless all of you!! I look forward to all of your future blogs. Keep up the good work!

  2. What terrific news! I'm so happy for you!!!

  3. Great news! Yay to Charlotte and her parents (and others who help out too)!

  4. Sweet! I'm so proud of her. Seriously, I want to tell everyone I meet today! :) Love you guys tons!

  5. YES! Cherish the good news. She is one amazing little girl.

  6. Carrie HollingshausMay 25, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    Yay miss CA!

  7. That's fabulous news! And Charlotte is gorgeous!

  8. loved this post. the best? in the picture she has on a cardi. Just like her momma-charms everyone she meets!

  9. I found your site through twitter after you followed me. (@MystiReutlinger) I love reading your stories as they have taken me back to a year, two years, and almost three years since we started out in a NICU with a 24-week preemie who weighed 1 pound, 7 ounces and was barely 12 inches long.

    It is a road - a long, hard, and often grueling one. Even more often consumed with many doctors and therapies, tests and results. Much like you've experienced recently. I will share that we have only relied on doctors when absolutely necessary. That road took us off the common ones for preemies, but has offered our son (he will be 3 in July) the chance to live more freely. The balance we maintain is difficult - and as unique as our children. They can overcome anything with the right attitude and support; sometimes requiring outside-the-box thoughts and ideas to make everything ... work.