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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Days

 Charlotte didn't have a nurse today, so it was just me and her.

Or me versus her.

But that's not important. Here's a video of how our feeding session went today. All in all, she did awesome! Six months ago, she would gag and retch at the sight of a spoon, or as soon as you would place her in the chair. We're so proud of how far she has come. Who knows what she will be doing in the next six months?

(I took this on my phone, so excuse the quality. And the ridiculousness of my voice while talking to Charlotte. And yes, we use bubbles to distract her.)


  1. I predict a verbal no to go with that head shake. She's so cute, and she and you did a great job.

  2. She is cute beyond words! I loved seeing her in action. I said to our doctor the other day, "that part of Eloise that got her through the NICU might be the death of me and her dad" and he said, "I was afraid you'd say that someday". These micropreemies sure know how to put up a fight. You are in trouble with that head shaking! Eloise likes to say "uh uh". BUT I wouldn't give up an ounce of that strong will...ever.

  3. So cute! She definitely knows how to say "no!"