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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sleepy Sleepy

Tomorrow we head back to CHOP for another sleep study. This one will tell us whether or not the hours of fighting with Charlotte to put the darn CPAP on every night are actually doing any good. Cross your fingers.

We also have an appointment with the NICU at CCH tomorrow, to track Charlotte developmentally. Crossing our fingers that she's testing as well as we think she is :)

And because she's much cuter than anything I have to say... here are some pictures:

Post nap, prior to getting her O2 back. She's so happy to have the CPAP off!

We call it her wrestling helmet. The CPAP head straps go on before she falls asleep, and then we add the mask once she's in a deep sleep.

Unless, of course, she falls asleep while you are holding her. Then you just have to keep holding her, because it might be another six months before she'll do that again.

We were told to put the CPAP on her during the day while awake so she wouldn't be frightened by it if she woke up with it on. Yeah. I don't know about that..

I could eat.her.up. Yummy.

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