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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have been saying for a long time that this little gal is a total diva.

Here's the proof:

I mean, check out those booties! And her hat?! It has a button on it. (the hat is still a little big, so we have plenty of time to use it!) Charlotte Amalie's nurse and I couldn't stop laughing as we got her all dressed. Something about dressing a baby makes me smile.

And those "poofballs" on the booties?

I. love. them.

In less important news (because, what's more important than fashion?!), here's her actual medical update:

Weight: 1080 grams. That's right folks, she's over a kilo. That's 2 pounds, 6 ounces. We're about 30 grams away from doubling her birth weight, which was 560 grams. She'll be weighed again on Sunday night, so we're pretty sure she'll have hit 1120 grams by then!

Lungs: CA has been a super star this week. On Monday she wasn't doing so well and her doctors tried putting her on a different machine to help her breathe. She decided that was definitely NOT her thing and has promised to behave in an effort to avoid the vent. So far, she's been doing really well and we're not sure how to respond to this. We keep waiting for something to happen, but so far, she's riding along just fine.

Heart: Heart rate is still elevated. Resting heart rate is about 195, and she hits about 220 when anyone touches her or when she is being held. Sometimes she'll drop to 170 or so, but 195 is her average right now. The doctors are trying to hold off doing any testing, since everything else is working so well. They don't seem worried. Peter isn't worried. I'm a nervous wreck. Par for the course.

Adrenals: CA is officially adrenal sufficient. Her fake cortisol was discontinued this week and she has been rockin' it.

Digestive: Charlotte Amalie is taking 22mL every 3 hours, and her food is fortified to 28 cal/ounce. She's taking her feedings really well and her bowels have been looking and sounding perfect. Her poor little tummy is extremely distended, but that's because of the CPAP machine that is helping her breathe. She can't control where the air goes, and a lot of it ends up in her belly. They try to vent her NG tube after each feeding, which helps a lot, but she still has a lot of air in the belly. It should resolve on its own once she can get off the CPAP (probably another 4 weeks or so).

Medicine: It's torture time for CA. She starting getting vaccines. Poor baby. She's still on caffeine (that's for you, Grandpa Knickerbocker), diuretics, and sodium.


  1. WOW! I heard it's harder to knit/crochet smaller things than larger, so whoever made them must be pretty talented. The puffs and button are an added bonus. CA's more hip at 2 months than I will ever be!

  2. cute, cute, CUTE!! does this mean we can start buying her cute little outfits?! :)

  3. She IS A TOTAL DIVA! Congratulations on doubling your weight sweet little girl!!!