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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There, I Did It

Here are some pictures from the day she was discharged. Her super fantastic dress was given to her by Peter's grandmother-- isn't it beautiful?

We grabbed a few shots of her with nothing taped to her poor little face right before we placed the NG tube. We'd give her a shot of the nasal cannula and then make her pose, over and over again. She's a real trooper for what she puts up with :)

Caleb was obviously impressed with how important this day was. He slept like this for at least an hour.

It's OK, you can say it. She looks like Peter. I know, I'm coming to terms with it.

And that's our girl.

I keep reminding her, it's OK to be pretty, but it's more important to use your head.

But honestly?

She's just so beautiful :)


  1. She is beautiful-- and she can learn from her mom about how to be pretty AND use her head!

  2. oh i love how chunky she is, makes me happy. and i love that caleb is unphased. made me laugh.

  3. Those rosy red cheeks make it all worth it. Cute, cute, cute.

  4. She is gorgeous & smart! (you can see it in her eyes!) I love the picture of Caleb. I think these big brothers are just like "ummmm... yeah of course she is coming home, that's what babies do". Their reality is just that their babies stayed in the hospital for a very long time, freakin' their parents out.

  5. she is SO darling! and as i looked at the picture, i actually thought that there is something very YOU about her ... so cute! and i love that mr caleb needed to snooze. :) i love flexible kids, and i think your caleb is one of the most flexible i know. :)

  6. I agree with Chac- if she's anything like YOU, Amanda, she'll be both brains and looks. Lucky girl!

    SO SO SO FUN that she's HOME! I love this! I know it's been a hard, long road, that it's been unbelievably emotional, filled with high highs and the lowest lows, but Amanda, you guys DID it and she's home.. AND she's such a miracle!! I think I'll submit your story to the Oprah show.


  7. shes just gorgeous!!! what a beautiful family you have.glad shes doing well..your family is in my continued thoughts and prayers

  8. the above was posted by lyndsey prinkey!!!