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Sunday, March 28, 2010

1 Month

Happy One Month/ 4 Week Birthday!

Today we celebrate the wonderful nurses and doctors who work to keep you going. We also celebrate the researchers, pharmacists, and technicians who developed and produced all the amazing technology and medicine that keeps you alive each day.

We celebrate your heart for continuing to pump so well, we celebrate your lungs for fighting back. We celebrate your tiny fingers and the circulatory system that keeps them pink and warm.

We celebrate each hair on your head and wonder how much of a fuzz ball you would have been if you had waited a few more months.

We celebrate each time you open your eyes, each moment you breathe in and out. We celebrate the resiliency you possess, the gentleness you invoke, and the fierceness with which you fight.

Today, we celebrate miracles.


  1. happy one month!!! miracles happen.

  2. Yes, she is truly a miracle. May she have many, many more healthy months ahead!!

  3. Happy one month Birthday! You are truly our little miracle baby. We love you and continue to pray for you everyday! Love, the Hendershots