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Sunday, March 21, 2010

about even

Charlotte is doing well. She has not made any significant improvements, but has remained steadily on a good track.

General: She is much more active today. She is moving around and opening her eyes. She does not like much noise and they have her in a private section of the NICU.

Heart: She is still on Dopamine to strengthen her heartbeats. She goes up and down on the amount she is getting, but it seems to be working. They have not done any cardiac echos or anything like that. They believe her heart function will continue to improve. She has a regular heart rate and her rhythm is good. She continues to get frequent blood infusions, but the doctors and nurses believe that these will lessen over the next week as they decrease the amount of labwork they are running on her.

Lungs: She is all over the map on this one. We are still in the process of trying to dry them out after they were filled with blood by the PDA. Yesterday she was only requiring 24% oxygen, but today she is on 45%. The ventilator is still doing a lot of work for her, so it does not look like she will be coming off the ventilator in the next few days. She's currently on a lasix to help dry out the lungs.

These are her best performing organs, so we like to talk about them to make her look better :)


  1. It was nice seeing you guys this morning! Thanks for the continued updates. Love you!

  2. Yay for the Kidneys!! And everything else too. ;)

    It was awesome to see you all two days in a row! I like this record. Are we still on for Thursday?