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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Awesome People

One of the amazing things about CA is how much kindness she brings out in others. I need to document some of the amazing things people have done for us, because that's just as much of a miracle as CA is, right?

-My cousin's son goes to a Catholic elementary school. He has shared CA's story with his teachers and classmates and now, our dear daughter is included in the morning prayers each day. How can things go wrong when you have elementary school kids praying for you each day?!?

-Numerous children have sent Caleb care packages. One child in particular sent Caleb a coloring book with his own stickers in it, since Caleb has to spend some time away from his Mommy. He said that Caleb needed to have something to do since Mommy wasn't around as much. Would you give up your "stickers" to make someone else feel better? Kids are so awesome.

-A member of our congregation at church sent us a check for a dollar for each day that CA came early. People have been so incredibly generous. We've received gift cards for gas (we drive a lot), visa check cards and many, many greeting cards in which people express their support for us.

-One of Peter's good friends from growing up had a pendant made for me with CA's initials. It's so beautiful and it's one of my favorite pieces. It's like having her with me when I can't be near her. (How corny is that?)

-We've been told of people who don't even know us making blankets for CA (a volunteer at my mother's work knitted her a baby blanket), and of others adding her to prayer lists at their Bible study groups, churches, and temples. We've had Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus offering their own prayers to their own Deity for our child. If one tiny, little one pound baby can bring so many people together, why is the world so messed up?

-Not to mention the millions of people who have driven us places, prayed for us, brought us food, watched Caleb or just listened to me ramble for hours on end. We've received so much support from others who have had micropreemies, as well as support from our friends and family who just let us be the crazy parents we are right now.

The whole point is to say we love and appreciate you all. You've touched our lives and have made the past few weeks doable. Please, if you are doing something to make CA a part of your day, let us know-- it's what keeps us going.

We've got a long way to go, but the only way we're going to make it is with all of you in our lives.


  1. Thanks for your beautiful post Amanda. It's the thoughtful expressions of love and concern that mean so much at a time like this. Our little miracle girl has been blessed by so many and so have Amanda and Peter. As Amanda's mom I thank you all.

    Mary Ann (Mom)

  2. Amanda, as always you've brought me to tears. Do you remember when Mike was so sick, YOU gave to us by letting Hanna have your plane ticket to fly home? You thought it was just a small thing...but it made such a difference. Others now get to help you. Isn't that what it's all about?! We are all one family. We hold CA in our hearts.....God is holding her in the palm of His hand.

  3. I am Heather, Kellianne Clarke's sister. I have been following your blog for a couple weeks now, and pray for the continued progress of your sweet little baby.

    Thank you for this post. How wonderful it is to know that there are so many good people in this world who do what they can to bless the lives of others. Isn't that what life is all about? May the Lord continue to bless you and your sweet family.