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Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm running out of titles already...

Updates, updates, updates.

CA bottomed out at a measly 480 grams (1 pound even) this weekend. At today's weigh in, she was 530 grams (1.17 pounds). Yay!

They took out her umbilical arterial line (UAL) today. This line was used for blood draws and cultures and has a very high risk for infection. She also has a UVL (umbilical ventral line) through which she gets her nutrition and fluids. They are placing a PICC line and will be removing the UVL (again to avoid infection) soon. (Peter thinks they were doing this tonight, I thought they were going to do it later this week... I'm losing my mind, so he's probably right).

They did the echo today but we haven't gotten the results back from the doctor. A CHOP cardiac surgeon has to read the echo to give a final reading. The technician, however, and the NICU doctor said that the duct is still open, but they're waiting to hear from the surgeon whether or not she needs surgery or if she can have it closed by more medication.

She's still pretty picky about being messed with. For 30 minutes after her "hands on care" she was desat'ing into the 50's. (She should be 85%-92%). Once people stopped bothering her, she was much better. However, we did get to take pictures of our wedding bands on her feet and arms today. We'll upload them soon.

On Sunday, she pulled out her Ropogo tube (a tube used for suctioning-- they've been turning off the suction and using it as an NG tube). She's just that ornery. They were able to put in an NG tube and the X-Rays looked like it was in place today. On Saturday, her belly was distended and they had to stop feeds for awhile, but by today she is doing well enough that they have upped her feeds to 1mL every 3 hours. That's doubling her intake!

We'll let you know the echo results when we know.

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