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Thursday, March 11, 2010


If you look really closely, her left eye is starting to open. Until now, both eyes have been fused shut.

On the ventilator. Check out how huge her diapers are. And her dark hair. Maybe she'll take after me? Caleb's a mini-Peter, so that would be exciting!

My wedding band on my finger, as a reference.

My wedding band on her arm.

Close up. It slid all the way to her shoulder. Amanda's fingers holding her hand and the blue is a nurse's hand in a glove for size reference.


  1. Amanda and Peter, I anxiously await the daily updates on "Molly". I know I am witnessing a miracle! Found out today that a little girl in one of our kindergarten classes was born at 1 pound 2 ounces. She is a "charmer" and everyone at school loves her. So it will be with Molly. (Especially if she takes after her momma. Love you Amanda!)

    Charlene Frazier

  2. she's beautiful. aww this pics bring back so many memories. sending all the good vibes i can your way.

  3. She's a miracle-- I can't believe how tiny and beautiful she is! You have so many thoughts and prayers, we're keeping your names in many temples!