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Sunday, June 13, 2010

15 Weeks Actual

Charlotte is 15 weeks old today. Yay! for obscure and random milestones.

Weight: 2302 grams (5 pounds, 1.2 ounces)

Lungs: She's still on a CPAP pressure of 7, but she's pretty happy there. They'll keep her at 7 for about a week (unless she wakes up one morning OBVIOUSLY ready to be weaned) and then they'll try for 6. This slow wean off of CPAP makes us assume it's going to be middle of July before she comes home. But who knows. She could be a superstar and do everything really quickly. Haha. That was funny just writing it.

Heart: Lookin' good. She still hits over 200 (last night I saw her at 213) but she's resting more in the 170's and even the 160's at times.

Feedings: Charlotte is still at 42 mL and back to taking it over an hour. She had been moved to 44mL over 40 minutes, but she had a day and a half of some impressive spitting (projectile, stinky, baby spit--nasty stuff) so they backed her down. They are going to wait to see how she is doing later this week, and depending on what the prognosis is with the CPAP, they may begin oral feeds. This would be a bottle nipple filled with milk and then given to her-- not a full bottle-- we're still miles away from that. Baby steps.

Millions and millions of baby steps.


  1. Sounds like she's doing great, even with that noisy roomate. :) It's funny, we're always hoping Bobby's heartbeat stays UP in the 170s 180s. Different phases, I guess. :)

  2. Babysteps on the way to having her home with you. Great progress! There will be a day when everything just seem to click for her and start to come together.

  3. i'm glad to hear there is consistent progress, even in little baby steps.