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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I had a long poignant post ready for you all, and then I read Hillary's blog (I posted about her situation a few weeks ago).

Her son was born yesterday, and they had one hour together before he left them.

Nothing I have to say seems quite right.

Please say a prayer for this family tonight. They have an angel looking down on them, but I think they'll need a few more angels here on Earth to help them get through this time.




  1. You are silly. You are one of the first people I would want to talk to. You know how precious these little souls are and like me you fight the good fight. My joy for you and Charlotte is in no way diminished by Shiloh's death.
    Thank you for the support. I understand perfectly what you mean about having no words. There aren't any. It is just hard. We have been richly blessed in our lives--I wish like mad I was taking my baby home but having the gospel makes it livable. Having friends like you makes it tolerable. Love you guys.

  2. oh wow. i'll have to go over there. i'm so sad to hear this.