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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 Kilos

Sitting in the bouncy chair, where she watches "TV" aka, the mobile.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Charlotte Amalie has hit 2 Kilos. Specifically, she is 2010 grams, or 4 pounds, 6.9 ounces, or 3.5 times her birth weight of 560 grams.

Her SiPap pressures are 10/8 (hoping to have that down to 8/8 by Friday), she's using about 40% oxygen and her hair is the fuzziest thing ever (think baby duckling fuzz dyed brown). Her heart rate is even sitting at about 170. Perfect? Yes.

Pretty much, she's rockin' life. She's more awake, still doesn't cry (technically, she can cry, she just doesn't very often. When she does, she's super raspy from being on the vent) and is using her hands to self soothe (she cups her cheeks with her hands-- way too cute).


Her head is still a little "toaster head"-ish but hey, nothing a helmet can't fix (just kidding... sort of). And seriously, when you're problems can be fixed by a helmet, not so bad. We'll take it.

And, to top it all off, her great-grandma Barbara left her a gift of the most adorable dress I have ever seen. I'll post a picture, but just believe me, it's so dainty and cute (when did I become a mom of a girl?!?!). If she's big enough for it, she's totally wearing it to her "Thank you for keeping my mommy sane" party on July 3rd. (If she's home by then. Which we hope she is, but we're not too, too set on it.)

So yes. Life is good. Thanks for celebrating these good days with us. We're having more and more days to celebrate and we're so grateful you're all here so we can share the joy. That was sappy.

But true.


  1. go charlotte go!!! woooot!

  2. Love the yawn. Too precious. Woo hoo on the weight. Funny how being over four pounds sounds Huge to me now!

  3. She's doing so great! My baby girl had that same preemie outfit-- someday not so long from now you will hold it up and not even be able to imagine she was small enough to fit in it!