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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Charlotte is currently:

*6 pounds .75 ounces (2743 grams). That's 4.89 times larger than she was at birth.

*On a CPAP peep of 6

*Still on the ND tube, but getting 16 mL/hr every hour. (I think I need an ND tube of chocolate.)

*Nasal Cannuling (made that word up) everyday for 30-60 minutes, as tolerated. Last night she did a full 60 minutes AND she didn't desat once AND she went to breast (still non-nutritive suck).

There's still a lot to do to get ready to come home, but this past week has at least felt like we're again moving in that direction. July 28th will be 150 days in the NICU, a milestone we'd really rather not reach, but one that we're probably going to see. Despite her long stay, we know she's getting stronger and stronger and she is fighting hard to make her way home. The next big thing will probably be a move to high-flow nasal cannula, and from there, we're hoping her lungs will be strong enough so she won't aspirate any feeds. When her lungs look strong enough, they'll move the ND tube to an NG tube (just goes straight into her belly) and see how she does for a bit. Once she proves she can handle food in her belly, then they'll start with oral feeds.

Phew. Lots to do. Plenty of time to do it.

Thanks for checkin in!

1 comment:

  1. YAY! All wonderful news! It must feel so wonderful to be able to kangaroo her with just the nasal cannula.