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Thursday, June 24, 2010


The night before Charlotte's eye surgery we were able to go in and give her a bath before holding her. I know, I know, five months from now, I'll be willing to let anyone, ANYONE, give her a bath, but for right now, it's really exciting to "do" something. We were able to get some pictures after the bath, before they had re-assembled the CPAP mask and such. Check out her fuzzy hair.

Charlotte's chupi is about as big as she is.

Look, Mom, no mask!

On a random note, Charlotte sneezes like crazy when you take the CPAP off. It must feel so good to be able to sneeze and not have it blown right back in your face. Ahhh, the simple things in life.


Naked baby shots= totally inappropriate,
but the only way to show you her chunkiness

Caleb picked out this outfit in the store.
"Aww, mommy, for baby Charlotte. She look so cute! She so tiny!"
You think he hears that a lot?

Sadly, her pink nightgown bit the dust the next morning. It had to be cut off of her before surgery, since it couldn't fit around the IV in her arm. Oh well, not a huge deal because, believe it or not, she's getting too big for some preemie clothes! Carters preemies are getting a tad small on her. Most other brands still fit, but Carters is on its way out.

Yay for getting to be a big girl!

The blanket on her bed was made for her by Aunt Amanda.


  1. [Happy Sigh] She looks so great! LOVE the baby fat! No one will appreciate baby fat like you right?! She has come so far--I still cannot believe it.

  2. She looks nice and chunky! My youngest is 2 and I still enjoy giving her baths, so you may feel the same way about Charlotte.

  3. Love this post! She is so stinkin' cute!

  4. she IS getting chunky! good for her!!! i loved the times when the masks would be off of my girlies faces. how awesome.

  5. Her legs are looking chubbier than Tanzen's-- go Charlotte!!! I'm so impressed!

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