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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Baby

6/8/10 Taken while some tubes were being changed on the CPAP machine. So nice to see her face.

Charlotte is 2220 grams (4 pounds 14 ounces) and her CPAP settings are currently at 7. It took her 3 days to move from an 8 to a 7, so maybe this time next week she'll be on nasal cannula. They've changed her feedings to 42 mL/ 3 hours over 40 minutes (previously over an hour).

Some of her tubing from the CPAP machine fell on the floor last night, so the respiratory therapist had to change out a whole bunch of stuff (technical, I know). For about 15 minutes, Charlotte was on blow by (air was being blown past her face and she would breathe that in on her own) and it was amazing to see her face.

We were able to check out her hair (it's growing!) and much to my dismay, everyone thought she looked like Pete. Darn kids and their Knickerbocker genetics. I know we keep on saying this, but she really looked like a BABY. Weird, huh?

We're going to try to see if they will allow her to be on nasal cannula while we hold her, since she did so well on blow by. We'll see... it's a stretch and I don't want to get too set on it, but we'll make the suggestion.

We'll let you know!


  1. i love how "chunky" her cheeks are getting. so fun.

  2. She is ADORABLE. I want to squeeze those cute cheeks.

  3. She is beautiful!

    I love when Ellie is getting in the tub and we can take off her cannula and her stickers, she looks so pretty with nothing on her face. It is such a great feeling to just see your baby with no medical equipment!

    When will they move the NG tube to her nose or I guess when will the OG tube become an NG tube is a more accurate question

  4. Look at those kissable cheeks! She is darling.