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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 3 Months!

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Charlotte in her party dress (5/24/10)
(newborn size dress)

Charlotte's Web
aka-- her crib
Pink blanket with name made by Peter's Aunt Jenny
Quilt made by Amanda

Today is Charlotte's 3 month birthday. This means she has been in the NICU for 89 days, (12 weeks, 5 days), is 37 weeks old (gestation) and will be home in (approximately) 4-6 weeks!

Heart: Still fast, still regular. Still just watching things.

Lungs: We looked at an x-ray of her lungs today and even I could tell they were looking great. Her doctor described them as "healing lungs" which almost made me cry. Her lungs are healing. We're praying for no more pneumonia because as long as she continues the path she is currently on, all is good. They've changed the way they want to wean her off the SiPAP, so we'll see how it goes today. SiPAP works by having a high pressure burst of air every so often (in Charlotte's case, it is 10/minute) and then having a steady stream of low pressure air constantly. To wean her to CPAP (which is a constant flow of pressure) they will wean her high pressure setting down to meet her low pressure setting. This wean should take about a week or so and then she'll be on straight CPAP. Do I make any sense anymore? I can't tell.

Feedings: Charlotte is taking 35mL/hour and is rocking it.

And the best part is, this is all we have to report. Each day things get better and better and we just wait for her lungs to grow and get a bit stronger.

Happy birthday little girl!


  1. I think about you every day and pray that Charlotte can make speedy progress towards her release date. You have been fighting for so long-I can't imagine the anticipation of finally welcoming your princess home after such a long hard road. Hooray on the lungs and she looks so perfect in her pink.

  2. oh i like this update! happy birthday girlie!!

  3. cute party dress!! happy birthday charlotte!

  4. Hi, you don't know me but I read your blog all the time and thought it was time to finally comment! I am a friend of Hillary and Blaine's and read her blog (and the comments) everyday and when I saw yours I told her I first clicked out of curiousity because of your cool last name... but then I read your blog and was so amazed. Our first child was born at 29 weeks, which I thought was sooo early. You have us beat. I'm so happy to hear everything is going well in her life lately and the end of the NICU is in sight! Hopefully she will be filling out those newborn clothes and breathing room air soon! (Such simple wants, huh?) Gabe came home on the nasal cannula (and a heart monitor) but it's so good to finally get them home that you won't even mind hauling all their luggage around! :) Good luck with everything!

  5. She is truly beautiful. I found you on twitter, and read your entire blog yesterday. It is giving me hope. Thank you.

    I pray that you get to take this beautiful little girl home soon. She is so STRONG! And so are you. What a beautiful family you have.

  6. OK Amanda...she just looks adorable in that dress!!! Happy Birthday darling one!