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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'Member, That One Time, When I Said...

Remember when I said her left eye definitely didn't need surgery?

Now it definitely does.


All by myself.

11:30 AM.


Two choices:
Fetal Position Time
Big Girl Time

Since Charlotte doesn't even know what the fetal position is,
I guess it's time to strap on some boots.

I'll be in the waiting room.
See you there.
(well, technically, I won't see you there, but, uhh, you know.)

Her vocal chords moved!! Yay for someday hearing her scream ALL.NIGHT.LONG.
However, they still haven't ruled out the need for a swallow study, so we'll get past the eye surgery and then we'll talk about what's next.

Thanks guys-- we'll chalk this win up to all of you!


  1. oh lame. i'm sorry. my thoughts are sent your direction. much love.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Charlotte.She has already proven how strong she is and we all know how strong you are.If there is anything we can do for you,we are here for you.

  3. Wow, best of luck. Hang in there...you can handle this. And congrats on the all-night screaming!

  4. I was there when they saw her vocal chords move! I was 99% sure that's what they said but didn't want to alert you in case I was wrong. It all took about 20 seconds.

    I'll be there 11:30 tomorrow morning!

  5. Oh, dang! She sure knows how to keep you on your toes. I'll be thinking of you and saying prayers, especially at 11:30 tomorrow. CA is a fighter, just like her mama. :)

  6. Dad's on his way Amanda...he'll be there to support you! And we'll all be praying! Much Love....Mom