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Wednesday, July 7, 2010



That's about how I feel right now.

Charlotte's surgery on her left eye went well. She was a fighter and they had to give her more meds than they thought, but hey, what do you expect from her?

Charlotte's surgery on her right eye, not so much. "What?" you say? "I didn't know she was having surgery on her right eye, too." Yeah, neither did I.

Apparently, Charlotte's retina is beginning to retract in her right eye. This causes the center of the retina to buckle, or become detached. There is also the beginnings of edema, or swelling, under her retina. The eye surgeon saw this progression today during the surgery on her left eye and immediately laser "stapled" the retracting part of the retina (right eye) back in place. We're hoping it takes.

He'll check again on Friday.

If it works, it means eye exams one to two times a week, until discharge. If it doesn't work, it means transfer down to CHOP for an eval by CHOP eye doctors. They'll then most likely, remove the retracting part of the retina in her right eye. I won't go into detail, but I'll just tell you, eyes are yucky. Ugh. The description of the eye surgery at CHOP makes me shudder. Ugh. Thank goodness for wonderful eye doctors with stronger stomach's than mine.

I also met with the physical therapist today. She is fairly certain that we will need a swallow study before we begin oral feedings, since it's pretty obvious that Charlotte is aspirating. So yay. We'll deal with that later though.

Moral of this discombobulated post: We'll see what happens on Friday. Hopefully her eye will begin to heal and all this non-sense about going to CHOP will be in the past.

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  1. Yes we'll pray that the CHOP thing never happens. Wow. You've had a day, Amanda. You've had quite a few months, actually.

    To echo your words, not only will CHOP be a thing in the past (hopefully it never HAPPENS:)), BUT, this entire NICU thing, will also be in the past.

    Much good will continue to come your way. You're strong. Tougher than metal I'll say!! Hang in there. Lots of peeps are praying for you guys.


  2. Thanks for the update, Amanda. I hope you get some time to relax tonight- you deserve it more than anyone! We're rooting for you and praying that CHOP stays out the picture- but we're glad it's there in case it's needed (but it won't be, so don't worry). :)

  3. for. the. love.

    that's all.
    sending hugs and good vibes.


  4. Ugh Amanda-- that just SUCKS! I agree with you 100% on eyes just being plain old yucky! That ROP exam gave me the willies every time Eloise had it done-- it all just feels so medieval for how modern it is-- ICK! I am sending many many prayers your way for her eyes to recover and for her to stay out of CHOP although you are lucky to have the #1 children's hospital as the place where the surgery would happen. Would they send her back to the current NICU or would you remain at CHOP until discharge? Speaking from experience, learning a new NICU is not a ton of fun-- I really hope you can dodge this one! Stupid Stupid NICU rollercoaster!

  5. Hang in there, Amanda. One step at a time and pretty soon you'll have your sweet little girl healthy and home with you!