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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

These Days

One group of medications. Charlotte gets these several times a day.

So she can grow big and strong like this.

Weight: 8 pounds, 1.4 ounces

Lungs: Our first 24 hours without the CPAP. I know, she'll probably need to go back on it at some point, but Hallelujah!!! She's currently being weaned to 3.5 Liters on High Flow Nasal Cannula (she was at 4 Liters).

Feedings: CA has been consistently taking 5 mL 1xday for the past 5 days or so. Yay! She's a super star.

Now what?:CA still needs to go to CHOP for her swallow study. Currently, we're trying to decide if she will go to CHOP and stay at CHOP until all her feeding issues are resolved (and she can come home from there) or if she'll just go to CHOP for the test, and come back to Chester County for feeding management. There are benefits to both, and we're so tired of making decisions, I think we're going to ask the eight ball.

When will she come home?: If you know the answer to that, I have a lot of people who would like to talk to you. Currently, we're hoping before Labor Day. But who knows. Charlotte likes to do things her way. Could be tomorrow (OK, not REALLY tomorrow) could be Halloween (better not be...). We just simply don't know at this point.

We do know she's super cute, loves her mobile and can't wait for Mommy to go hold her :)

As always, thank you for your continued support. We love you so much!


  1. 8 lbs?!?!? how freakin' awesome. that's gonna be an awesome baseline for her to be to start oral feedings. and WAHOOO for the nasal cannula. WOOT!!

    let me know how that magic 8 ball goes. :)

  2. If you need a magic 8 ball still, Amanda, I might be your girl. Think there's still one sitting in my 1rst grade box of treasures.

    Well, despite the not-knowing-when-she's-coming-home thing, all else sounds really positive and wonderful. And the 8 lb thing is absolutely, impressively, amazing. Just amazing. AND if we were still there, I'd selfishly root for her staying at CHOP the duration of her NICU stay (it's a proximity thing:)), but alas...

    ..anyways..miss you guys.
    Keep the good updates coming!

  3. Char-baby! 8 lbs. is awesome!! Amanda come visit any time before I leave! I know you might not want to leave Char-baby for too long, but if you'd like a girl's day out (although Peter and Caleb are totally invited too) I'm free Mon-Fri. 12am-12pm. :) Weekends are the only time I have to spend with my lover, but if it can only be a weekend you are, of course, still welcome to come hang with both of us! Let me know! Love ya!

  4. All great news! If I had to look into my crystal ball, I think you guys have another 4ish weeks before she can come home. My 2 cents is having been in 2 NICUs, I would come "home" if that is an option after the swallow study-- it is hard to have to adjust to a new place. She looks great-- so pretty (and I like her ladybug outfit ;)
    Congrats on all the progress! Keep up the hard work everyone!

  5. She does love her mobile, I love seeing her back there wiggling her little arms and legs watching it. We're going to miss you guys in the NICU so much, but we know it's the next step in you getting Charlotte home and for that we're happy!