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Sunday, July 4, 2010

These Days

Charlotte weighed in at 3020 grams last night.
That's THREE kilos.
That's huge.
That's also 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

We get to see our little one one like this two hours a day.
Today, they increased it to two hours, two times a day.
Four hours total per day on nasal cannula.
You can shout, "Hurray!" We did.
And it was LOUD.

Charlotte, with her Physical Therapist, Deb.
Deb does Range of Motion, Stretching Routines,
and my personal favorite, massage therapy.
Charlotte (usually) loves Deb.
I do, too. All the time.

And this is the "Are we really still at the NICU?" expression we both have once in awhile.
OK, more like every.single.night.
We're working on it.

That's all.
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  1. Someday....Sigh. Someday we'll both have our kiddos. Hang in there. She's almost home.

  2. 4 hours on high-flow-- that's fantastic! Such an emotional difference to have just a cannula and not the whole CPAP contraption.
    You all have every right to have the "Are we really still in the NICU" face but you will get home-- you've come so far-- keep up the amazing work you are doing!

  3. How is nursing practice going? It must be much easier with high flow.

  4. I cannot believe she is 6 lbs 9 oz! That is a miracle! You have such a little trooper on your hands Amanda. I know it must be hard (actually I do not know at all) but you are so lucky that she has come this far! I mean look at her! She looks like a perfect little baby! =)